A Year Round Travel Guide

It’s time to travel like a traveler.


Every time you have to pack for a trip it’s same story: you stuff everything you have (or can remember) in your suitcase last minute and can’t find anything when you need it. With Summer right around the corner, you might have at least one upcoming trip. So to save you the trouble of looking for stuff to bring, we've compiled the must-haves for guys who want to travel with convenience and style in mind.


Since you’re going to want to wear slip-on shoes at the airport for easy removal, you don’t want to totally rely on them for comfort. Also, if you don’t take your shoes off during a long flight you’re crazy. These socks were literally designed in Japan with the purpose to "make everyone find true happiness". The perfect travel companion for your foot.



Hand Cream
Any travel aficionado is nodding their heads right now - the thing you always forget!! The air at 30,000 feet is cold and cannot hold much moisture, so it’s always insanely dry. Grab our Supreme Beard & Stubble Balm, which doubles as a face and hand moisturizer. You’ll be glad you did.  

Big Headphones
Sure, earbuds are built for convenience, but headphones you can just wear around your neck. With comfort like premium leather on the outside, and lambskin covers for your ears, you might wear these without playing anything. But when you do plug in, the tech features are high end: including a 3x industry average Bluetooth signal range and a 16-hour rechargeable battery combine with premium materials, a minimal industrial aesthetic and our signature rich, warm sound. So when that kids starts screaming in the back of the plane, all you’ll hear are the sweet sounds of...well...anything but them.

With this blazer, you can travel smart, and actually look smart too. It’s outside design is for the fashionable, casual, and modern traveler, but the inside design is even better. “To carry your stuff, we built in a smart collection of 10 pockets, with zippered security pockets, and a few hidden pockets so you can carry everything from an iPad Mini to a stash of cash safely, no matter where you roam. Yes, you’ll be wearing a travel jacket with hidden pockets, but no one will know.”

This thing is legit, just ask Travel & Leisure Mag. “Made of a smooth polyester and foam blend that completely blocks out any and all light, the 3.5-inch by 9.5-inch mask is contoured to fit over your eyelids, like two little cups, so nothing touches them.”

Travel Wallet
The most thin, convenient, and stylish travel wallet out there. This is an absolute beauty. It’s “hand-crafted from the finest saffiano leather” with a “luxurious tonal suede lining”. Multiple pockets and places to store your wallet’s needs, but you won’t feel it.

Tech Dopp Kit
This leather kit was designed to hold all those pesky cords and chargers that are essential for travel. Let’s not pretend you have never been frustratingly fishing around at the bottom of your backpack for these things. Stop stuffing them anywhere, grow up, and get this thing. Or if you’re looking for a less expensive option, check this out.

General Toiletries
Unfortunately not every hotel out there provides their own toiletries. And even the ones that do sometimes have awful quality products. Skip the hassle of weird smelling shampoos and skin drying soaps and bring your own travel sized 3-in-1 wash.

Hair Cream or Pomade
Don't forget the hair. At Pomp & Co. we have several travel-safe, travel-approved jars specifically designed for guys that travel, and look good doing it.