Are you making these mistakes with your hair?

The one time it’s OK to hear the words “it happens to a lot of guys”, is with your hair. Simply because a lot of guys fall into these traps of not doing the easy stuff for your hair. You might not notice, but others do. And these three heady tips can make a major upgrade to your overall appearance.

Being rough on your scalp

Haphazardly scrubbing shampoo through your hair as you shower, ripping a towel through your hair to dry off...take it easy on that dome, boys. By doing stuff like that you’re actually weakening your hair follicles and, likely, increasing your risks of dandruff. Instead, try rubbing through with the palms of your hands instead or gently with the padded part of your fingertips. You’ll find it promotes circulation, which can make your grow nice and thick.

Your barber is your friend

Just like the clothes you wear have to match your body type, your hair should suit your face shape. Find out what it is! Talk to the expert him/herself, because there’s a lot more to it than that, too. Your personality, hair type, style, all come into play in finding the best cut for you. Barbers know the answers to your questions and wants to help. They’ve heard it all before. So rather than just plopping onto the chair and getting the same thing as last time, look at a barber as your personal hair consultant, and ask a few questions.


Using too much product

A common mistake made by both men and women is going overboard on hair product amounts. Using too much hair gel or cream can damage your hair and cause dandruff. It also just looks like someone who is using a ton of stuff to cover up a mistake. Pomp & Co.’s products are a highly concentrated formula, so only a small amount is needed.