Salted Tonic Spray 100ml
Salted Tonic Spray 100ml

Salted Tonic Spray 100ml

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Inspired by the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland.

Our Sea Salt infused Tonic formula is enriched with a multi-vitamin complex consisting of vitamins E, C, to B3, B5 and B6 feeding hair and scalp, then supercharged with Aloe Vera for extra nourishment.

Texture, Condition & Hold

When primed for use, our Tonic provides a light natural textured hold with the ultimate in matte/dry finishes.


Cocktail with both our Pomade and Hair Cream pre/post application to help prep hair for increased texture, volume, and hold.

Lightly scented with lime oil and black-pepper.

Size: 3.4oz/100ml Spray Bottle - (Pack of 9)

(Packing tubes, sold separately)

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