No. 17 Signature Scent 50ml

No. 17 Signature Scent 50ml

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The signature scent which is used in all our goods.
Custom blended for Pomp & Co. by a traditional perfumery in Belgium.

The original pomp & co. formulation was renowned for its fragrance. 
Which was reportedly a result of company founder Sammy Donnelly,
blending concoctions of his own personal colognes into every batch of pomade.

It was only acceptable then that we blended a fragrance that was fit for all occasions & all seasons. Classed as a true Eau De Perfume, No.17 was the batch that made the cut.

Notes of  Lavender, Lime, Sandal Wood, Musk, Crystal Amber, Bergamot.
Class Eau De Perfume
Size 50ml - 1.7oz 

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